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The Live Show


Software: Unreal Engine


Level File Name:  Abandoned campus


The Dark Web is one of the darkest places in the world. There are a lot of crimes happening the Dark Web: drug trade, gun sales, and human trafficking. The most terrible crime taking place in the Dark Web is a sport called “Killing Travel”. This sport consists of "killers" and their "prey" who are innocent citizens like yourself. Killing Travel takes place in a dangerous, secret location that does not show up on any map like an abandoned town or research base. The whole game is broadcast live on the Dark Web for people who are gambling or just watching for the excitement.



2015 a campus at an abandoned town in the woods. The campus was built in 1990. For some reason, the town has been abandoned since that time. The front door of the school is locked by two chains. Nobody can come in and nobody can leave. Inside the campus, there are a lot of monitors to shoot every way.


Mission Objective

Player need to search the entire school to find three keys to unlock the chains that lock on the front door, at the same time player have to avoid the “Killer” that chasing the player.


Gameplay Mechanics

Third person, Adventure, Survival horror


Special Mechanics

Startle points: the player does not have the health points. She has Startle Points. When she sees some horrible. For example, dead body, or someone attacks her the Startle points will go up. When the Startle points are too high the player will be” Panic”. If the player starts to panic, she will start out of control. She will run faster, but she will be very easy to fall. The player will be one hit kill when she panics. If you escape the Killer or take some Tranquilizers the Startle points will go down. (Example: Haunting Ground)
Hiding: Player can hide on some place to avoid the “Killer”. For example, locker, under the table, etc.
Special repel:  If the Killer almost catch the player, and there are some special object just next to the player, the player can use this object to attack the Killer and get the chance to escape. (like the QTE, but player can decide they want to use or not.) For example, the Killer chasing player to the chemistry classroom and almost catch her, and there is a bottle of aqua regia on the table. She can throw it to the Killer. If she hit the killer. The killer will be blind for a few seconds. The player can use that time to escape.

Playable Characters

Mira, 18 years old American Girl. 167Cm 42Kg. Mira is an average girl in the world she goes to school and enjoying her life. Her father is an FBI agent, who destroyed many Dark Web, and this is why they catch Mira to this game.



 The Killer 180Cm 80KgIn. In this level, the killer is a man who using the axe to kill. You do not know what he looks like because he is wearing a mask. The only thing you know is he wants to kill you.


Non Playable Characters (NPC's)

Don’t have NPC


Victory Conditions

Find the keys to open the front door then escape the school.


Failure Conditions

Be kill by the Killer


Mission Walk Through

  1. IGC

You get up on the campus lobby and try to figure out what's going on. You look at the front door. It is being lock by three chains, then you pick up the cell phone next to you, and there is not any cell phone signal. Southerly the phone start to play the video. The video said that, you have to find two keys to open the door to escape, and also there is a killer inside this campus too, then you see right there is a key behind the railing. You try to get the key, but you can't, then you see the stairs


1.Game Play Start

Start at lobby- Familiar with the operation


2.Game Play

Walk to the second floor



Killer appears


4.Game play

Rum to the Health room and hiding under the bed. The killer will leave. (Teach the Hiding Mechanics)


5.Game Play

Find the first key. In the health room. the kay will be hind  in a human body model. After the player see the model, the Organ and the Key will fell to the ground


6.Game Play

The Killer Appear. Throw the aqua regain on the table to attack Killer and escape. (Teach the Special repel Mechanics)


7.Game Play

Run to the corridor.


8.Game Play

Run to the Music Classroom


9.Game Play

Find the first key. In the piano.


10.Game Play

Run to the corridor.



Corridor floor collapse. You fall down to the first floor the corridor that behind the railing, then you get the key. But the killer appear on the other side of corridor. Also, you see a hole on the wall, but there is a cabinet lock on other side of the wall.


12.Game Play

Pulled down the cabinet that blocked the hole then climb out. (you go back to the lobby)


13.Game Play

Open the front door.


14. Game Play Over



You open the door and run in to the town

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