Down Down Down


上市平台: Android​​

Software: Adobe Photoshop、Unity(C#)

使用軟體: Adobe Photoshop、Unity(C#)

Infinite falling game. avoid obstacles and get coins in the multiple levels!



Down Down Down is a Infinite falling game. The player will avoid obstacles and get coins in the multiple levels with different game mechanics to unlock new levels and new characters!


• Easy to play but still challenging!
• Multiple levels with different game mechanics!.
• 50+ lovely characters to unlock!
• 3 different way to control the game. Find the bast way for you!



大家下樓梯 DownDownDown是一個無限掉落下樓梯遊戲。遊戲中玩家將避開障礙物並獲得金幣來解鎖新的關卡以及角色!






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