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Psycho Princess 


Software: Unreal

Role: Level design,  Enemy combat

Psycho Princess melds the action, free exploration, and sense of growth of a Metroidvania with the strategy of a Tower Defense and the humor of Castle Crashers.  It’s a 2D game in which players take control of Princess Kalira as she tries to escape or conquer the castle.  Each level is its own tower defense area, and the princess brings a set amount of possible towers to build.  Using “parts” dropped by enemies, she builds these towers to force enemies along a path, kill them, and keep them away from her.  Unlike most tower defense games, she can also fight enemies with her wrench, and she moves freely throughout the level, causing the enemies to change paths trying to get to her.  The player can freely go back to previous areas at any time, and in any new area, they must fight through five waves to open the doors into new areas.  With multiple doors in each level, the player can explore the castle freely.  As in a Metroidvania game, they discover powerups as they go along.  These improve stats for the princess or are parts for new towers which the player can craft at “hiding place” scattered throughout the castle.  If the player survives ten waves in any area, they have “conquered” that level and are granted a special reward.



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