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Pao Pao Pug/跑跑小臭頭

軟體: Adobe Illustrator、Unity(C#)


跑跑小臭頭是一款我以我家的狗"臭頭"做為發想的Unity 2D平台遊戲, 這款遊戲結合了傳統平台遊戲的特點例如"音速小子"和"超級瑪莉歐"並且新增了一些獨特的遊戲機制。跑跑小臭頭已經接近完成並且通過Steam Greenlight,計畫將先推出於PC平台。




  • 展覽 2019 夏日電玩展

  • 展覽 2019 台北電玩展

  • 展覽 2018 夏日電玩展

  • 展覽 2018 台北電玩展

  • 展覽 2017 Game Developers Conference

  • 入圍 2016 AAU Media Awards

  • 展覽 2016 Game Developers Conference

  • 展覽 2016 SXSW Gaming Expo

  • 展覽 2016 Long Beach Comic Expo

  • 展覽 2015 PAX Prime

  • 展覽 2015 聖地牙哥動漫展

  • 參展 2015 舊金山藝術大學 - 春季展




Software: Adobe Illustrator、Unity(C#)

Pao Pao Pug is a 2D platform game.

Pao Pao Pug is a Unity-based, 2D platformer game named after my family dog. it is close to being finished. The game combines aspects of Sonic and Mario along with my own original designs and has already passed Steam Greenlight.


 Once upon a time, there was a world where all the animals could walk on two legs. Each kind of animal had its own kingdom and they never allowed other kinds of animals to come into their own kingdoms. One day, a little pug name Chou Tou strayed into the Cat Kingdom and was caught by the guards. The cat guards threw Chou Tou into the Cat Dungeon which Chou Tou must escape from in order to save his life! ​

  • Exhibit 2016 Game Developers Conference

  • Exhibit 2016 SXSW Gaming Expo

  • Exhibit 2016 Long Beach Comic Expo

  • Exhibit 2015 PAX Prime

  • Exhibit 2015 Comic Con International

  • Exhibit 2015 Academy of Art University-Spring Show


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